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Technical Analysis (TA) Developer - MATLAB Trading and Backtesting Toolbox

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  matlab trading

Trading GUI

trading guiCreate and backtest trading strategies with a simple and easy to use graphical user interface (GUI). Configure backtesting parameters like capital and position size directly in the GUI.

Portfolio Backtesting

trading guiPerform backtests of trading algorithms on a portfolio of stocks. You can focus on the trading strategy development and do not need to worry about writing backtesting code.

Matlab Language

trading guiUse the power of the Matlab programming language to create trading strategies. Use advanced statistical features for trading which are not available in other trading software.

Toolbox Integration

trading guiThe TA Developer toolbox integrates easily with other Matlab toolboxes. E.g. analyze data with the statistics toolbox or send trades directly to Interactive Brokers using the IB-Matlab toolbox.

Technical Indicators

trading guiUse more than 70 standard technical indicators to perform technical analysis of stock and futures data. All technical indicators can be easily applied per drag&drop.

Performance Evaluation

trading guiCalculation of performance metrics like Annualized Return, Maximum Drawdown, Sharpe Ratio etc. If you need an unsupported metric, you can just code it yourself in Matlab.